String Interpolation

String interpolation is the new syntax introduced to Luau that allows you to create a string literal with expressions inside of that string literal.

In short, it’s a safer and more ergonomic alternative over string.format.

Here’s a quick example of a string interpolation:

local combos = {2, 7, 1, 8, 5}
print(`The lock combination is {table.concat(combos)}. Again, {table.concat(combos, ", ")}.`)
--> The lock combination is 27185. Again, 2, 7, 1, 8, 5.

String interpolation also composes well with the __tostring metamethod.

local balance = setmetatable({ value = 500 }, {
    __tostring = function(self)
        return "$" .. tostring(self.value)

print(`You have {balance}!`)
--> You have $500!

To find out more details about this feature, check out Luau Syntax page.

This is also the first major language feature implemented in a contribution from the open-source community. Thanks Kampfkarren!